Pink Floyd: Time

Pink Floyd- Time

Intro1, Intro2, Intro3, Intro4, Verse1, Chorus1, GuitarSolo1, Chorus2 (solo), Verse2, Chorus3, Outro/Intro, Chorus4, End

East Surrey Ezone (2015) The songs intro and outro is very unusual and sounds similar to one of Pink Floyds other songs which makes “Time” sound like 2 different songs. There is a change of mood during the 3rd chorus, making it seem different from the previous ones. The song itself is very clever and reminds us how seamless time can be and also how fast it can pass by. There are many clever parts to the track, including the organ used during and throughout the chorus. The track is very unusual and is difficult to understand, however it is enjoyable to listen too. (East Surrey Ezone 2015)

The drums do not come in until Verse1 where the song comes together. The drums are driving and hold the track together. The song itself is very unusual and makes the listener feel uneasy. However the song is also relaxing giving the listener mixed emotions and intriguing the listener and making them want to hear more. The song is very popular with Pink Floyd lovers and this track created a new era of Pink Floyd music.

The clocks in the song have been used in a previous one. The song has been hugely popular over the years. There was a lot of double tracking and overdubbing in the track. Things such as frequency translators have been used to give the song its edgy feel. The guitar solo is extremely powerful and although simple, loved by many.


I am unfamiliar with Pink Floyds music, although I have heard of the band. Listening to “Time” has given me a different view on music. The song is like nothing I’ve heard before, but I feel like I could get used to it. The track is very popular and well known. The songs structure is also very different to the songs I’ve heard recently and in the past. We have recreated the intro (Clocks) of this track and I feel writing and researching this song has helped in order to complete this.

We split up into groups and recreated the intro of the song. We began by experimenting with apple loops to see what sounds we could find.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 13.27.30.png

After a bit of time we found some sounds although felt we needed more so we found some sounds from the internet. We imported them into logic and then manipulated them using alchemy.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 13.28.34.png

This also helps towards our more recent project “Late night swim” as having used alchemy for this has given me some more confidence for our current project. Although it was a challenge i found the task or recreating the intro highly enjoyable. It was unlike anything I’ve done before.


Ezone –


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