Objects and ideas: Film Reflection

When initially working in the project i thought it would be a lot more straight forward tun it turned out to be.

There are some issues with my film, such as the volume in general. For example When the music is playing through the radio (01:00:29:00.00-01:00:36:18.60) it is too loud. When listening through headphones the audio is different to when playing it through the speakers. Similarly there is a part in my project where a cat is purring (01:00:29:12.40-01:00:36:12.40) and it is unnecessary. I take things to literally within the project.

I have had an issue with finding the right sound for my static effect on the radio. Although i am working on it. I have found some sounds that may be suitable, although i am yet to decide which one would be best.


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