FMP: Ideas

Tuesday 8th March 2016

I have had a few ideas of what i want to do for my FMP (Final major project)

For example, one of my ideas was to make a sound installation, collaborating with the art students. Another idea I had was to create a number of tracks and master them, then take it into the studio and have someone record them for me. This will show my progress and how the information on studio work has helped and means I can put that into practice. One more idea was to collaborate with one of the film students and create some sounds for their films (Foley, Sound scape, music etc.) I feel I can use the skills I have learned from “The late night swim” Project and put them into good use.

Although I am not sure of my decision yet, I feel comfortable going into the project, as I do have ideas that I can fall back on, if anything was to go wrong with my others.

I am yet to find the people wish to collaborate with, although I do have some people in mind. However I do notice that the FMP is approaching rapidly, and I should try to get my ideas sorted as soon as possible. Nevertheless we do have some time before the project is a go meaning I can take a little time to plan and organise my project, before it gets going. 

My main aim during the project is to be more organised then my previous ones, I have noticed recently I have been lacking on the reflection and organisation of my projects. I am looking to correct this and take this information into my FMP. I am also hoping to use all I have learned over the year and use it in my project, to show variety and that I have understood what we have learned. 

I plan to reflect daily during my FMP, in order to keep on top of everything that goes wrong. Furthermore to correct any mistakes that might be made.


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