FMP Reflection: Week 1

Monday 18th April 2016.

I have decided to pull forward my first week and begin the project on the 18th of April.

Today I created timeframes for each significant part of the film, in order to prepare for my foley creation. It will be easier to efficiently create my foley if I do it in significant timeframes. I have also re-watched the film multiple times to get a better understanding and idea of what foley I will need and when I will need to insert it into the film. I then went on to re evaluate my timeframes and added more. I did this to give me even more opportunities to show of my different editing skills and foley creation techniques.

The timeframes were not as effective as I once thought they would be. After a bit of work, I found that I work more efficiently without timeframes(Working through the film instead of using set timeframes to do the work) There was a slight issue with the time frames. I often found myself focusing too much on single parts of the film causing the timeframes to have no structure or flow.

Next I will focus on different ways of recording foley, and research how other people have created their foley (What microphones were used and how they created the sounds they were aiming to create) I arrange to meet with the technician and ask his opinion on what microphones should be used to create my recordings for the foley.

Tuesday 19th April 2016.

Today I forgot my headphones so I decided to arrange a meeting with the technician for tomorrow. I also did some more research on different foley creation sounds and found some useful sounds and websites during my search.

Wednesday 20th April.

Today instead of recording some foley I have decided to do a little more research in order to use my studio time most efficiently. I believe that the more research I do the more knowledge I will have going into the practical side of the project, hence why I have chosen to push my foley creation forward one week. I have also continued my research on soundtracks and I will link some of the things I have found in my research section. Some of my original soundtrack ideas were not as effective as I once thought meaning I had to research and look a lot more into this than I had hoped for, but I have come up with some good music/instrumentals that fit suitably into the film.



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