FMP Reflection: Week 2

Monday 25th April 2016.

Today I inserted a soundtrack into my piece, I will do my foley work throughout the course of the week, hence why I’m taking a Zoom microphone home with me. Taking a zoom microphone home will allow me more time to record foley and will allow me to create and record my foley in many different ways. (Trial and Error)

Tuesday 26th April 2016.

Today I experimented a little more with some soundtracks for the into of the film, although I have decided to stick with my original choice. This is because I feel the original choice was the best fitting due to the time signature and tempo of the music. I did not get the chance to take a Zoom microphone home with me so I will do that today in order to record some sounds/foley. I have also discussed what microphones I should use if I was to record my foley in the studio with the technician.

Wednesday  27th April 2016

I recorded some foley with the zoom microphone at home and plan to continue this throughout the week. I plan to gather as many sounds as I can and possibly layer them  together in order to create abstract sounds for parts of the film. Also the more sounds I capture gives me a wider choice and variety of different sounds and noises I can use or create. I have mapped out my timeframes in order to create foley most efficiently. I had some problems working the zoom microphone at first although i have overcome this. I had an issue with recording sound at first however, having done some research I swiftly corrected this.

Did It Work?

The soundtrack worked originally however after working on other parts of the film I found that the soundtrack did not fit as it did not have the same effect as the rest of the film and the effect that I was aiming to create.


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