Project Proposal & Plan


UAL Awarding Body – Level 3 Diploma



Section 4: Project Action Plan and Timetable
Week Date Week


Activity / What you are intending to do –

including independent study

Resources / What you will need to do it –

Including access to workshops




11th April 2016

Primary research

Arrange a meeting with the technician deciding what microphones would be used best for my project, and in what way they can be used. Also discuss what workplace I can use to create the Foley I need for the project (Studio/Recording suit etc.) Experiment with items and different ways or recording items I will use for my Foley during the film.


Secondary research

Research what other people have done with their space, what microphones are suggested and how they have used them to record. Research items other people have used to make sound similar to what I am attempting to do.


Apply research

Create a list of the different equipment I will need throughout the project including Foley items, microphones, studio/recording time etc.






Recording suit/Studio time.

Items I wish to experiment with (Foley)








Books/Internet access.










Access to Word press.




18th April 2016

Create timeframes for each significant part of the film. Also book a studio session, Using the information acquired from last week and begin recording Foley. Using the microphones suggested and the different ways of recording I have found. Put all of this into practice and begin recording my Foley aiming to complete the majority, if not all of my Foley for the given film.


Create a list of timeframes in which I will need to record Foley.





Studio Time




25th April 2016

Edit and insert the Foley into logic and mess around with editing and making the Foley sound how I would like it to sound. Hopefully get more studio time, if so I will repeat the process of recording Foley and find parts of the film where I can add little bits of Foley. Mostly keep up with editing and cleaning up my sounds. Furthermore start thinking about creating a soundtrack for the film.


Research films similar to the one I am working on, and take inspiration from the sound tracks and what music/effects were used to set the mood.




4 Repeat of last week


Peer assessment, use a critical friend to evaluate how the work sounds at this point, and Ensure I take what they say into consideration and alter my work dependent on what they think. (Without the soundtrack) Ensure I record all of this on word press.


Edit my work and show what has been changed, repeat the process of showing my critical friend until they feel the work is satisfying.








Add the soundtrack(s) I have found to my project and see which fits best and play around with the timing (So the music has a break when the camera changes etc.) Edit what I have and keep trying different soundtracks to see what will work best.




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