Areas for development.

5th September 2016

Performing: I feel I need to gain more confidence when performing in front of a crowd. I have the skills and ability although with that, comes a lack of confidence. This year I hope to take these negatives and turn them around.

  1. Improve my confidence.
  2. Improve my performing skills.
  3. Improve my ability to continue if something was to go wrong.

12th September 2016

Backline: When first agreeing to take the role of backline for the show I had limited knowledge on how things operated. With a little help for my colleagues I soon gained a better understanding of how things are done and what backline is for. I still have a lot to work on and need to progress.

  1. Improve technical language.
  2. Improve timing and efficiency.
  3. Improve knowledge of backline.

13th September 2016

Research: Last year my biggest let down was my lack of research. It caused my grade to drop massively. This year I hope to correct this and will be focusing a lot more on my research.

  1. Improve my motivation to research.
  2. Improve the way I research. (Books, Online, etc.)
  3. Improve My skills on referencing. 

14th September 2016

Motivation: Last year I had a huge lack of motivation when working. I feel it was my lack of confidence which hindered my progress. I feel a lot more motivated and strive to do a lot better in my upcoming projects.

  1. Improve my motivation to complete assignments.
  2. Improve my concentration in lessons.
  3. Improve my ability to work efficiently and to not become distracted.

19th September 2016

WordPress: WordPress overall is what let me down the most. Throughout the first year i was forgetting how important WordPress actually was towards achieving my grade. I would ignore putting things into WordPress and forget to add things that would’ve boosted my grade. This linked in with my lack of motivation.

  1. Improve my WordPress layout and detail.
  2. Improve the amount of detail and reflection within WordPress.
  3. Improve my ability to update my WordPress frequently and efficiently.

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