Helping with sound and stage presence. 

As well as taking on the role of back line I was really into helping the way the performers should act on the stage. Offering advice on stage presence and intervals between acts. An example of this is when Stuart and Lewis did their collaboration. When Lewis was coming towards the end of his verse I suggested he slowly walk of the stage while Stuart continued to beatbox, so it all flowed nicely. Before hand they would both stop at the same time and it all felt a little bit stale. This idea went down well when getting feedback from members of the audience and was praised many times.

Another thing I enjoyed helping with was listening to the speakers incase of any feedback. From what I’m aware, I can hear better then most of the people in the class. My ears are very well kept and I can hear the build up of feedback. This was very important, mostly during rehearsals as it allowed me to also help Charlie on the mixing desk. Any time I would hear anything I would signal to Charlie and he would correct the issue. This turned out to be a massive success in making the show have as little mistakes as possible.

Sam’s Song.

Although I didn’t have much impact on Sam’s song I gave her a couple of ideas and tips when performing her song. At the end of her final verse the when the last chords of the keyboard play out and everything is quiet. Sam sings her line “Im not like anybody else” A cappella. I suggested this to her and it made the song feel more complete. In my opinion the song felt tight and forced. This gave the song its own personality and sam completely agreed. This also went down well with the audience and was brought up when we were given feedback.

Back line.

At the beginning of the year I was going into it as a performer. After a discussion with my teachers and a couple of rehearsals I felt more comfortable to join the backline team. I felt more comfortable due to my lack of confidence when singing in front of crowds.

Me and Adam instantly had trouble with back line during rehearsals. We didn’t have any knowledge or practice before hand. During our first rehearsal we were clueless on how to take things (props/microphones/stands etc.) off of the stage efficiently. We also had no knowledge of the performance line-up so we didn’t know what to take off either.

After the first day of rehearsals we found ourselves with a little more knowledge on our stage presence when taking equipment from the stage. We were yet to move swiftly and acknowledge the order of the performers.

After a few times rehearsing we found ourselves becoming more efficient and had better knowledge of what comes off the stage and when. We also established which of us was to take of each individual piece of equipment. at this point we were told the order of the performances which allowed us to practice the whole set changes like it would happen in the actual show.

Art Room.

The art room was nobodies choice as we had no other venues that could match its standard for the type of show we were holding. Thanks to Molly we were able to get clearance for the art room.

Although the art room was the best choice of venue, there were still problems (like there is with all venues) in that there were windows at the back of the art room letting in a lot of light. This meant we had to use black card to cover the windows, which meant moving all of the art work. Furthermore we ran out of card and were unable to cover all of the windows which caused a slight problem. I suggested we take some of the art work and cover the remaining light spaces with the art work. This turned out to work very well, however we could not prevent all of the light coming into the room.

After watching back the footage of the show we discovered that this wasn’t a bad thing at all. The light coming from the windows made it just bright enough to capture on camera. If no light was to come into the room we wouldn’t of been able to capture good footage of the show.


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