Research Purpose Task

What are the reasons people create Foley? gives info on what Foley is used for, how it is useful and different ways people create Foley.

Who are considered the “Main” Foley artists in their respective field? Why?

What is the change in equipment and recording process when recording different things?

What are the different ways of setting up microphones to record Foley?

What different microphones/kit is used based upon location recording?

Where would you find these resources?

How does the research affect my own practice?

Explain secondary research sources that inform your FMP idea Purpose of research sources Use or reject / why Link to source

What are the reasons people create Foley?

Online Website page



Help to form an introduction.


Very informative and clear.

Does not however explain why Foley is used instead of created sounds.



Online Web Page




Has almost all of the information I am looking for (How Foley is done, What Foley is etc.) Very clear and has a very good lay out.




















Homework: Create a bibliography using the Harvard Referencing Format

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