Career Opportunities.

Job Options:

Musician, Foley artist, Music producer.

Taking my skills and traits into the world of employment, I hoped to become a musician upon beginning this course. However I soon came to realised that it was not easy to make it in the industry and that there were many other job opportunities in the world of music.

Doing Foley during the first year has made me lean towards sound for film. I enjoyed creating the sound for my project and hope to take what I have learned into professional practice. However I have limited knowledge in the field and will need to gain a greater understanding before pursuing the job role. There are other job roles that interest me, such as back line tech. Doing back line for the show has enlightened me and made me realiseĀ there are more than just one job option in the music industry. But also that you must work hard to get the job you aspire for.

There are many skills you need to learn when entering the Foley business. Recording, location recording, good hearing, good knowledge of microphones and many more.



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