Starting Point FMP 2

My knowledge, skills and understanding of the course have improved significantly upon beginning the course. Coming into the course I had never heard of the word “Foley” however I was intrigued when watching Foley artists such as Adrian Medhurst create sound for some of my favourite films of all time (The Hobbit) which influenced my chosen route of my first Year FMP.

The reason I have decided to carry on with Foley coming into the second year is due to the success of my first year FMP. However this year I have decided to do a collaborative project with two of my fellow classmates. The aim is to create a Sound library full of useful sounds/sound effects. This is a whole different experience than that of my first year FMP, focusing more on location based recording and different ways/techniques of recording Foley.

My research is what was hindering my performance within my first year FMP and I still need to expand my research If I want to heighten my final grade. I need to experiment with research sources further than the internet (Books, Articles, etc.). Nevertheless Going into my final major project I will be using what I have researched to my advantage. For example, choosing what microphone and recording equipment to use will be decided from what I have researched. likewise when soundproofing and silencing a room. I am yet to even scrape the surface when it comes to Foley creation. There are uncountable new opportunities and experiments that go with the art-form. It is in my best interest to use what I have previously learnt and what I already know to expand and excel during and throughout my upcoming projects.

My referencing has improved massively throughout the year and is a lot tighter and cleaner. In terms of editing and recording Foley itself, I will still have to experiment.



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