Project Proposal

UAL Awarding Body – Level 3 Diploma


Project Proposal


Name Jason Carroll
Pathway Music Sound Production
Project Title
Section 1: Context (Approx 300 words)
My knowledge, skills and understanding of the course have improved significantly upon beginning the course. Coming into the course I had never heard of the word “Foley” however I was intrigued when watching Foley artists such as Adrian Medhurst create sound for some of my favourite films of all time (The Hobbit), which influenced my chosen route of my first Year FMP.

My referencing has improved massively throughout the year and is a lot tighter and cleaner as shown in last years project. In terms of editing and recording Foley itself, I will still have to experiment. Nevertheless I intend to expand my knowledge further on the art of Foley and hope to take what I know/will know into future work and employment. I now aspire to become a Foley artist

My research is what was hindering my performance within my first year FMP and I still need to expand my research If I want to heighten my final grade. I need to experiment with research sources further than the internet (Books, Articles, etc.).

The reason I have decided to carry on with Foley coming into the second year is due to the success of my first year FMP. However this year I have decided to take what I have learnt to a new level. I aim to create the Foley and sounds for 6 film clips chosen by myself. In order to show the cultural and different ways of creating sound for certain films. Furthermore I aim to do Foley live for a chosen clip and create my own sound stage for this. This is a whole different experience than that of my first year FMP, focusing more on cultural and film based recording, different ways/techniques of recording Foley, thus allowing me to further expand on what I have already learnt.

Section 2: Research ( Approx 50 Words)
Primary research will include skills I have learnt during previous projects (Creating sounds using Foley), leading into my secondary research (discovering different ways people use Foley) using the internet as my main source. Furthermore I will be talking with specialists in the Foley industry and getting their views what can be improved and how.
Section 3: Problem Solving ( Approx 100 words )
Many problems are likely to arise. Time management, not reproducing sounds I already have for certain clips (making the Foley sound alike for every clip) and many more. I intend to focus on these aspects the most and intend to create a clear plan and timetable in order to prevent this form happening. I will create different folders for each individual clip and keep it clean and tidy. These were the main problems during and throughout my last project and it will be in my best interest to prevent this from happening again. Thus making my current project run a lot smoother.


Section 4: Planning and Production (Approx 50 words )
I will use milestones in my plan to see when I reach significant points throughout the course of the project. I aim to follow my plan to the best of my abilities, whatever problems arise. If I am not able to follow my plan I will record and reflect upon this.
Section 5: Practical Skills ( Approx 100 words)
Many skills will be required during my project. Manipulating Foley, recording Foley and editing Foley respectively. During last years FMP I have used these skills. Studio time is something I need to experience a little more. During the “Girl in the pool” project I used the studio to create Foley. However I wish to expand on this and gain a wider understanding of the studio as a whole. I hope to take my skills in Foley creation to the next level in this project and use a wider range of techniques and methods when creating and recording Foley. (experiment with different recording techniques etc.)
Section 6: Evaluation and Reflection
I will be reflecting using word press and also recording my voice and actions throughout my practical work. Having 1 on 1s and using critical friends to get their views and opinions, thus allowing me to adapt and enhance my work, ultimately allowing me to achieve the best outcome.
Section 7: Presentation
The final section provides an opportunity for you to describe how you intend to organise
and present the work generated throughout the development of your project. You should consider the most appropriate formats for communicating the development of your ideas to an identified audience, both visually and conceptually and how you will present your conclusions and outcomes. I intend to approach my work very practically. Performing live Foley and also showing my work in some fore coming shows. I aim to reproduce one of my clips (Foley) live in front of a reasonably sized audience and gather feedback.

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Additional Requirements not included in the 800 word Proposal

Proposal cover sheet and project title
Project timetable

Digital presentation.



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