Research week 1

Today I have researched about the art of foley creation and some of the ways to record foley. Also I have searched youtube for videos on the manipulation of foley within logic.

Hibbard (2015) states that “To capture a good recording, it is essential that your sound has sonic depth, width, and height. These spatial attributes are the difference between hi-fi and lo-fi recordings.” (Hibbard 2015)

Hibbard (2015) goes on to say “A typical room in an average sized home is going to be acoustically inferior to a larger room designed with acoustics in mind. Creating your own foley soundstage can aid you in squeezing that dimensional sound out of an average to smaller sized room.” (Hibbard 2015)

I believe this is a reliable source due to the reviews and many other articles Hibbard has written on Foley


Matt Hibbard. (2015). Recording Foley and Sound Effects: The Fundamentals. Available: Last accessed 10th Jun.



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