Process Week 3


Today I realised I would not have enough time to complete all of the foley for the amount of clips I had originally planned for. So today, having had to stray away from my plan, I decided to ask an audience of people for their feedback on the clips I had chosen (without any foley) and get them to suggest different sounds I can create for different segments and parts of the film.

After having received the feedback I feel like I have done well in both choosing the part of the fins i wished to make a clip from. Also the choice to make the second clip completely silent went down really well too. I received feedback such as “The way the clip is silent allows for more emotion and emphasis to be put into the foley creation”


Today I finished editing the foley and implementing it into the clip (with the help of suggestions from yesterday). I then proceeded to once again gather feedback from the audience i had surveyed yesterday. The feedback was mixed and I had been given various replies. One person said “The mixing of the foley isn’t the best and can be improved by the



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